Pan Am Bar

Pan Am Bar

found in the main building along Don Juico Avenue offers dancing shows, billiards, music, drinks, food, in an atmosphere most suitable for adults.

Guests can dance with some of the friendly ladies, converse with the waitresses, watch music videos or cultural dancing shows, or chat with their friends while being entertained.

Pan Am operates from 6 PM to 3 AM daily.

For guests who enjoy playing billiards, the table used by Pan Am Bar was signed by German pool professional Ralf Souquet, and is also the same table used at the 9-Ball world championships in Manila in 2013.

Mirrors Club is moved to the new building and the former Mirrors Club area is since 1 Dec 2016 occupied with the Bar called PanAm Bar.

The PanAm Bar is not part of Clarkton Hotel Inc. !!!

> The Bar is similar to Typhoon and Monsoon Bar in Walking Street <